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Roof Painting in Whangarei

Roof Painting in WhangareiThe Chemwash treatment is applied to ensure the surface to be painted will provide a good key for the paint finish. Flaky paintwork will be rubbed back and as with the exterior house walls we will advise you of any problems such as holes or rust etc. which we find. Surface rust will be rubbed down and spot primed. Our free quote will include details of any equipment we will need to hire such as scaffolding, cherry pickers and the like which may be necessary for multi-level houses. As with the house painting we use water based Dulux and Resene products and even roof paint can now be purchased in quite an array of colours.

The most common material for roofs in New Zealand is corrugated steel but aluminium is sometimes used - we will supply and use the correct primers and finishes for the surface to be painted. Even some tile roofs can be painted, find out from us if yours is one of them. As I was one of the contractors to repaint the SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE in 1990 I do have quite a lot of experience painting metal! We are Registered Master Painters, an association which started in 1913 in New Zealand, and we have full public liability insurance.

Your roof is the most vulnerable part of your house being open to the sun's rays during daylight and direct rainfall or hail at any time whilst beach houses have the added problem of salt spray. From our experience we can advise you about the best products to use to give you the most effective coverage for your situation. A wash down once a year is recommended to help stop the paintwork deteriorating.